About us


Track Straight provides engineered solutions to conveyor tracking issues focussed on the elimination of live works, removing the need for current poor practices as well as increased conveyor system reliability.

Schlam Engineering

With more than 16 years of experience as heavy mobile and fixed plant service specialists, Schlam Engineering has the experience and know-how to safely and efficiently deliver maintenance and optimisation projects for your operations. With the capability to plan, design, construct and maintain, we take a complete service approach to your needs. Our clients have come to rely on us to not only implement a solution, but to troubleshoot and determine the solution; thinking creatively, yet practically. Supported by the right equipment and facilities, we focus on consistently delivering quality, reliable and competitive services. We provide superior technical support and management services with the aim to build transparent and long standing relationships. Key competencies include: Design and Engineering, Project Management, Fabrication, Mechanical, HV Electrical and Machining.

DT HiLoad Australia

DT HiLoad Australia. Established in 2003, we are an Australian company specialising in the design and manufacture of the Hercules open cut dump truck body, the Bull Ant underground body and our range of Barracuda mining buckets. We manufacture and supply haul truck bodies for mine sites and contractors globally. Based in Perth, Western Australia, our workshop facilities locally and overseas are state of the art and all manufacturing can be completed on site. The entire production process from the initial engineering design, cutting and rolling through to final fabrication is completed in our premises, with the flexibility to finish the final fabrication at alternative locations, such as mine sites. DT HiLoad focuses its development efforts on the Hercules range of products. Addressing key features such as; body weight, reduced wear, reduced maintenance, durability, reliability and increased payload. Through extensive research, innovation and an impressive body life record, the Hercules body has evolved over 16 years and we are currently producing our Phase IX body.


TPCM is the leading provider of high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning for structural inspection, maintenance, and repairs of Earthmoving Equipment.

Our services aim to support our customers in their compliance with industry laws and regulations, whilst maintaining a professional and reputable corporate image.

Services include:

  • High-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of Earthmoving Equipment
  • High-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of Wash-pads
  • High-pressure, high-temperature cleaning of Workshops
  • Mine site clean up work
  • Machine/Vehicle cabin detailing